Funtoons management oversees the long term and day-to-day operations.  Our management team consists of:


President – Greg Manwaring

Animation Veteran Greg Manwaring brings his 28 years of professional expertise and vision to FunToons.   Having helped create many beloved films, such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Lion King and The Iron Giant, Greg’s role is to guide the FunToons team in creating these same type of modern classics.

Although he was born in Gary, Indiana, Greg’s formidable years were spent growing up on an Army Base in Wuerzburg, Germany. It was during his teenage years there that Greg became friends with FunToons CEO, Claus Reitmaier.   Greg is honored and proud to be a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Greg currently resides in Los Angeles, California.  He has a wife and two daughters.



CEO – Claus Reitmaier

Retired German Bundesliga Soccer Goalie, Claus Reitmaier, brings his focus and determination, to help run the Company, and lend support to the FunToons Creative Team.

Outside of work Claus loves to teach children how to play Soccer and stays fit by actively playing in Celebrity matches and with local league teams.

Claus resides in Hamburg, Germany together with his partner Priscilla, son Kaylen, daughter Whitney and their dog Jackson.



Creative and Production Development – George Mendoza

Mr. Mendoza continues to seek out new avenues toward animation project possibilities, blending digital media including television, feature film, video games, and themed entertainment content. His invaluable background and connections will help develop and foster FunToons’s feature film, animation, television production, online media, and video game projects.

Mr. Mendoza has a long and distinguished career producing feature films, animation, and broadcast commercials. Although George is best known for Producing Disney’s “Lion King 1½” and “Winnie the Pooh’s Heffalump Movie”, George also spent years overseeing the operations of Pepper Films, SimEx Digital Studios and the well-established VFX shops, Composite Image Systems and EFilm in Hollywood.

As a Senior Producer at Disney and Warner Bros., Mr. Mendoza produced major feature film animation projects where he was often called upon to oversee other producers to help projects stay on schedule and within budget. In the world of film, animation, and advertising, George’s strong client relationships such as with Sid Ganis, former President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Jeff Robinoff, multi-platform media producer and former President of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, lend nicely to FunToons vision.



Head of Technology – Gregg Wessman

Mr. Wessman brings a unique mix of business development skills and in-depth knowledge, spanning the technological aspects of project management for animation and VFX production, pipeline workflow management, rendering hardware & software, database architectures, Internet Technology & web design. Greg holds a Bachelors Degree of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in microprocessor and computer systems. He is a former Principal Systems Engineer and Senior Software Engineer from the advanced space industry where he led a distinguished career supporting a number of high-profile NASA, USAF, DoD, and DARPA programs.

Gregg is an expert in creating incentives for broadcast, augmenting location-based entertainment & events, and expanding linear media into immersive 360 x 360 degree eco-systems that provides an audience with unique ways to interact anytime with their favorite product, service, location, sport, game, TV show and themed entertainment attraction, amusement park ride, character, or event.



Head of Business Development – Paul Siegel

Mr. Siegel has well over 30 years of hands-on-experience in multiple sectors of the entertainment industry. His in-depth knowledge and experience in both domestic and international television distribution has made him a key decision maker for programming selection to cable networks and over-the-air television. As an EMMY award winning producer, Paul has developed and produced numerous projects for television, home video and theatrical distribution.

Mr. Siegel was the Founder and President of an affiliate of Grey Advertising that provided reciprocal trade services to TV advertisers of Fortune 500 companies and was a key member of management team that produced animated movies and children’s TV shows such as: “Care Bears”, “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Teddy Ruxpin”, “Heathcliff”, “Inspector Gadget”, “Superfriends”, “Sailor Moon”, “He-Man and Masters of Universe”, “Dragon Ball”, “Police Academy”, “Real Ghostbusters”, and “Transformers”.